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Dr. med. Joachim Ahlers is a renowned medical expert in root cause medicine, helping patients optimize their health. Specializing in entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, high performers, and athletes, he assists in overcoming symptoms like fatigue, performance loss, restlessness, and infections. Everyone is welcome.

It is important to us…

It is important to us to think outside the box. Innovative healing methods complement our knowledge of conventional medicine so that we can realize new treatment options.


As a member of numerous professional societies, we are in close contact with numerous specialists. This means we have an expert or specialist society on hand for every micronutrient. We are always up to date with the latest findings in the individual areas.

Professional Expertise

For us, science and medicine matter. That means we don't believe in following principles or philosophies. Our focus is on objective figures, data and facts. We plan our treatment based on this.

Premium Service

We attach great importance to simple, fast and precise communication. Our therapy recommendations, micronutrient lists, etc. are available directly on your mobile phone if you want. If we have any questions, our patients can easily reach us via messenger at any time - without having to go through the office.

About Dr. med. Joachim Ahlers, MMA

Passionate General Practitioner, Master of Medical Administration, Specialist in Integrative Medicine and Micronutrients.

As an internationally sought-after expert, Dr. med. Joachim Ahlers, MMA, looks "beyond the confines of conventional medicine." 

He is a dedicated specialist in General Internal Medicine and a Master of Medical Administration with a high expertise in micronutrient diagnostics and therapy. In addition to conventional medicine, he also understands the world of alternative healing methods, allowing him to innovatively combine both approaches. Over 4,000 patients, including prominent individuals, trust his expertise as their private physician, consultant, and specialist.

Dr. med. Joachim Ahlers, MMA
  • Specialist in General Internal Medicine, FMH
  • Master of Medical Administration, MMA for Micronutrient Therapy and Regulatory Medicine
  • Certified Metal Toxicologist
  • Emergency Physician for the Zurich Cantonal Police
  • Emergency Physician at Permanence
  • Swiss Medical Director, Switzerland, NADClinic.com
Professional Medical Associations
  • Zurich Medical Society (Ärztegesellschaft Zürich - ÄGZ)
  • Medical Association for Clinical Metal Toxicology (Ärztegesellschaft für Klinische Metalltoxikologie - KMT)
  • Research Society for Magnesium e.V.
  • Swiss Society for Cannabis in Medicine (SGCM- SSCM)
  • Swiss Society for Anti-Aging Medicine and Prevention (SSAMP)
  • Biological Cancer Defense e.V.
  • Medical Association for Integrative Oncology
  • Member of various mastermind professional associations

Why we do what we do.

His own experiences inspired Dr. Ahlers to develop a new approach to treating his patients.

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Experiences on your own body

Dr. Joachim Ahlers struggled with ADHD for years. The previously established medicine could not help him. So a different approach was needed that primarily addresses the causes and is based on analysis. Not least after research work on ADHD and micronutrients, environmental pollution and other causes, Dr. Ahlers develop their own treatment concept.

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A relevant event

The fact that his mother fell ill with cancer was a significant turning point in his life. Through regular check-up analyzes with his parents, which he carried out himself, Dr. Ahlers find the cause of his mother's symptoms. After discovering the cancer, Dr. Ahlers used strategic micronutrient therapy and accompanying infusions to actually reduce 8 chemo cycles to 4. The 4th was already done prophylactically. Radiation therapy was also no longer necessary; with good tolerability. To this day, his mother is tumor-free.

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Conventional medicine alone is not always the solution

After these decisive experiences, Dr. Ahlers says that even sound conventional medicine is not always enough to care for his patients. Through numerous certificates, courses and training, he learned about many new healing methods. Today, these, in conjunction with sound conventional medicine and holistic analysis, form his treatment approach.

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"I was very satisfied! You can immediately sense Dr. Ahlers' empathetic understanding, and it is clear that he is very specialized and professional in his field. I have finally seen improvements with my problems, where I had previously made no progress. I can definitely recommend Dr. Ahlers!"

Alexander Jäger

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"I am very satisfied with Dr. Ahlers. He is an extremely competent and also very personable doctor who is always available. Every question is always answered promptly, and every concern is quickly addressed by Dr. Ahlers. His immediate trustworthiness and great interest in the patient are what particularly distinguish Dr. Ahlers."

Agnes T.


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"If you need to analyze your blood and get fit with the right vitamins, you are in good hands at Dr. Ahlers' practice. As a trained biological laboratory technician, I can give my full recommendation here! Thank you 🙏."

Flavio Simonetti

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"If you are looking for a doctor who not only has extensive medical expertise but also a strong passion for his profession, I would highly recommend Dr. Ahlers!"



Unser Team

Diese Menschen stehen hinter Dr. Ahlers

Mit seinem Experten-Team setzt Dr. Ahlers tagtäglich alles daran, die Gesundheit seiner Patienten zu verbessern. Dafür ist sein Personal topqualifiziert und erstklassig geschult.

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Our location

Our state-of-the-art practice and infusion center is located in the beautifully located Zurich Seefeld, with a direct view of Lake Zurich. From here we look after our patients locally, digitally throughout the DACH region and internationally. This means that consultations via video call and blood collection can take place not only on site but also with a cooperating family doctor or through our blood collection network. Infusions are carried out professionally in a quiet and private atmosphere. Our patients feel the quality and service we offer them with every treatment.

Über uns

Dr. Ahlers supports his patients in permanently freeing themselves from symptoms. Fatigue, a drop in performance, inner restlessness and susceptibility to infections are examples of this.

Warum wir tun, was wir tun.

Seine eigenen Erlebnisse inspirierten Dr. Ahlers dazu, eine neue Vorgehensweise bei der Behandlung seiner Patienten zu entwickeln.

Erfahrungen am eigenen Leib

Dr. Ahlers developed a unique ADHD treatment concept, focusing on micronutrients, environmental pollution, and other factors to address its causes.

Ein einschlägiges Ereignis

Dr. Ahlers successfully reduced his mother's chemocycles to four and eliminated radiation therapy, leading to her tumor-free status.

Schulmedizin allein ist nicht immer die Lösung

Dr. Ahlers, with extensive training, blends conventional medicine with holistic analysis and new healing methods, creating a unique treatment approach and promoting international exchange.

Über Dr. Joachim Ahlers und sein Unternehmen

Als Facharzt für Allgemeine Innere Medizin und mit einem Master in Medical Administration verfügt Dr. Ahlers über eine hohe Expertise im Bereich Mikronährstoffdiagnostik und -therapie.

Dabei ist sein Ansatz, die Schulmedizin mit neuen wissenschaftlichen Methoden zu kombinieren. Denn über den Tellerrand hinauszuschauen, ist ihm sehr wichtig.

Mit seiner jahrelangen Erfahrung hat Dr. Ahlers bereits über 4000 Patienten geholfen. So individuell die Symptome auch sind, so individuelle Lösungen sind möglich.

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We are members of numerous professional societies, ensuring specialists are available for every micronutrient and staying updated on the latest findings in individual areas.
Fachliche Expertise
Our focus is on objective figures, data, and facts, rather than following principles or philosophies, as they guide our treatment planning.
Premium Service
We prioritize efficient communication, providing therapy recommendations and micronutrient lists directly to mobile phones. Patients can easily reach us via Messenger for any questions.

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