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Results from private practice

Regained Full Performance in 4 Months
Initial Situation:

For 2-3 years, Manuel struggled with dizziness, persistent tinnitus and poor performance. Visits to his family doctor were unsuccessful and numerous specialists were unable to help him. He urgently needed a solution that didn't get in the way of his commuter lifestyle between Zurich and Los Angeles.


After a professional analysis, we created a treatment plan tailored to his needs. His symptoms were treated with the help of individual infusions and supplements. Today he comes regularly for preventive therapy.


Steady improvement of symptoms

Regained performance strength

Energy levels have returned

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"I knew right after the first phone call that Dr. Ahlers was the right doctor for me. I wish there were more doctors who were skilled in chelation therapy because it has truly improved my life, and I am finally enjoying sports again."
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Manuel Vetsch

Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Actor

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"I really appreciate that the therapy was tailored to my lifestyle. I travel a lot, and the 1-2 days I spend on my infusion treatment each month seamlessly fit into my daily routine."
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Milan Milic

Serial Entrepreneur, Visionary

An Everyday Solution for Performance Enhancement
Initial Situation:

As a busy entrepreneur, Milan was looking for an everyday method to enhance his performance.


After a comprehensive check-up, we optimized his dietary supplement intake to align with his work routine and vegan diet. Additionally, he receives infusions 1-2 times a month to effectively counteract deficiencies.


Established long-term therapy

Perfectly tailored to his lifestyle

Customized to his daily routine

Significant Improvement in Digestive Issues in Just 2 Months
Initial Situation:

For months, Bastian had not been feeling fit, struggled to break through a training plateau, and was dealing with digestive problems. Despite already taking high-dose supplements, his performance had stagnated.


After an extensive laboratory analysis, we put together a high-dose amino acid infusion for him, which, in combination with dietary supplements, led to a significant improvement in just 2 months.


Continued progress in training

Adapted supplement intake to his daily routine

Evident improvement in mood

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"I am in a much better mood than before, and in my sports endeavors, I am finally making the desired progress. My digestive issues have completely disappeared, and I know how to prevent them in the future."
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Bastian Gruber

Fitness Model & Performance Athlete

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"I am simply thrilled by Dr. Ahlers' approach and professional expertise. It's great to have a place I can turn to at any time for physical assessment."

Paula Ritz

Independent Psychotherapist

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"The collaboration with Dr. Ahlers is fantastic. I am very grateful for his assistance and have already recommended him to many of my friends."

Robert Locke

CEO in the Cayman Islands

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"When I was looking for a competent doctor to undergo heavy metal detoxification, I came across Dr. Ahlers. He specializes in figuring out what the body needs to become even more efficient. The detox worked really well and has been very beneficial for my body. It was well worth it: my performance has increased significantly, and my ability to recover has also greatly improved."

Irene Haibucher

CrossFit Performance Athlete

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"Thanks to Dr. Ahlers' reliable and comprehensive diagnostics, coupled with an effective and feasible treatment proposal, I was able to exceed my own performance limits even after a 6-month break from sports. This allowed me to reach the top of the podium at the World Championships. This experience once again demonstrates how worthwhile it is to address and eliminate physical 'fundamental issues.' It provides you with an entirely different battery to draw from."

Sandrine Benz

Professional Triathlete & World Champion

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We reserve a certain number of appointments each week to provide consultations for entrepreneurs, athletes, high performers, and anyone seeking optimization.

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About Dr. med. Joachim Ahlers, MMA

Passionate General Practitioner, Master of Medical Administration, Specialist in Integrative Medicine and Micronutrients.

As an internationally sought-after expert, Dr. med. Joachim Ahlers, MMA, looks "beyond the confines of conventional medicine." 

He is a dedicated specialist in General Internal Medicine and a Master of Medical Administration with a high expertise in micronutrient diagnostics and therapy. In addition to conventional medicine, he also understands the world of alternative healing methods, allowing him to innovatively combine both approaches. Over 4,000 patients, including prominent individuals, trust his expertise as their private physician, consultant, and specialist.

Dr. med. Joachim Ahlers, MMA
  • Specialist in General Internal Medicine, FMH
  • Master of Medical Administration, MMA for Micronutrient Therapy and Regulatory Medicine
  • Certified Metal Toxicologist
  • Emergency Physician for the Zurich Cantonal Police
  • Emergency Physician at Permanence
  • Swiss Medical Director, Switzerland,
Professional Medical Associations
  • Zurich Medical Society (Ärztegesellschaft Zürich - ÄGZ)
  • Medical Association for Clinical Metal Toxicology (Ärztegesellschaft für Klinische Metalltoxikologie - KMT)
  • Research Society for Magnesium e.V.
  • Swiss Society for Cannabis in Medicine (SGCM - SSCM)
  • Swiss Society for Anti-Aging Medicine and Prevention (SSAMP)
  • Biological Cancer Defense e.V.
  • Medical Association for Integrative Oncology
  • Member of various mastermind professional associations

Our Location

Our state-of-the-art practice and infusion center are situated in the beautifully located Zurich Seefeld, with a direct view of Lake Zurich. From here, we provide care to our patients on-site, digitally throughout the DACH region, and internationally.

This allows for consultations via video call and blood samples to be taken not only on-site but also at the cooperating general practitioner's office or through our blood collection network. Infusions are administered professionally in a serene and private atmosphere.

During each treatment, our patients experience the quality and service that we provide.

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We reserve a certain number of appointments each week to provide consultations for entrepreneurs, athletes, high performers, and anyone seeking optimization.

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